Day in the Life at Barclay

Day in the Life at BarclayI woke up late this morning and don’t want to miss my a.m. coffee with friends in the Clubhouse at Jacaranda Trace.  Just a banana, coffee and maybe a yogurt will do but if they have those lemon muffins with the poppy seeds in them and I might be tempted to have one.  Looking out the window to see the today’s weather, I notice how the bright Venice sun shines off the fountain.  I actually I can see Chuck and his dog “Scamper” walking around the property this morning near the flagpole and the sand hill crane babies walking around.   

I just thought even if I do have the muffin I can work it off at the 9:45 range of motion exercise class.  Last time the instructor told me I am building up my “core.”   It must be because I follow the regular exercise program my personal YMCA trainer Chuck, who comes here to our exercise area.  I never thought I could build up lifting weights but I can feel the difference in my strength.

Checking my schedule I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon with Dr. Shariff to review my medications and then I will just bring the new prescription to the Concierge desk and they will have it filled and delivered by tomorrow or tonight if I need it.  It is so convenient to just walk downstairs to see the doctor and have either blood work done or prescriptions filled.   In fact I have to go to the bank later and I can just go to the 2nd floor and stop by to see the representative in the office this morning.  I will do that when I get my coffee.

Day in the Life at BarclayAt the Concierge desk I make an appointment to have them drive me to church on Sunday and I notice the fresh flowers at the desk and in the hallways.  The florist does such a beautiful job and I look forward to seeing unusual arrangements each week.  I then take a peek at the luncheon specials in the bistro.  Crystal’s soups are so tempting that just a bowl with a half of sandwich is enough to last me to dinner time.

Two of my friends stop me in the hall and ask if I am playing bridge today, and I say yes.  They will miss me if I don’t show up.  It is so nice to have friends to do activities with.  Just last week we all went on a shopping outing to Sarasota Mall and had lunch there.  In the afternoon when we returned the Venice Symphony brass quartet were playing in the evening.

I have to make a note to pass by the dining room to see the menu.  I will probably do take out tonight because I have been so busy I may want to just relax in my beautiful apartment tonight.  It is so nice that everyone knows my name in the dining staff and they know just how I like my food cooked.  They are all so helpful.

Day in the Life at Barclay

I had the most wonderful dinner in the formal dining room last night.  We all met for cocktails and John know just what wine I drink and made a special effort to order and stock it for me. Not too many people drink the German Zinfandel and he seems to always have it available for me.  We had guests from the Yacht Club and they said the food here was wonderful.  One couple had prime rib and we had chicken which had a special sauce on it that I love.  Our wait staff made sure how we liked the meat and one prime rib was rare and the other well done.  But they both came out at the same time!  Amazing!  They want to come again next week and can’t wait to see what is on the menu.

Ooops… I forgot Olga has one of her helpers cleaning my apartment today so I will stop by the Library and read the papers.  They got that spot cleaned where I spilled ketchup last week.  I have no idea how they get everything so clean.

Well time to get my day started I don’t want to miss anything.  My daughter called yesterday and I told her all of the things I was doing here and she said “I wish I could be you when I grow up.”  That’s funny because she has grown children of her own.  She is worried because the other night I felt a little dizzy and had to push my call button.  But Concierge came by immediately and checked me out and found out I was just fine.  I rested and put my feet up and was just perfect in the morning.  But it is assuring to her to have someone in-house to come immediately.

I told her not to worry about me because I going to a pool volleyball game and I didn’t want to be late. She said “I know just another fun day at Jacaranda Trace.”  And I said “exactly!”