Effects of Sleep Deprivation on a senior

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Memory

Many older adults experience a form of sleep deprivation from time to time and do not realize the effect it can have on their memory. The National Library of Medicine reports that as many as 50% of seniors have reported symptoms of insomnia. However, insomnia is not a natural part of aging. As a person…   Read More

seniors enjoying their retirement at an independent living community

The Best Time to Move to an Independent Living Community

Is there really a best time to move into a senior independent living community? More and more of the over-65 set say the answer is yes, and the sooner the better. What’s drawing these savvy seniors? The list is long, but it includes prime locations, beautiful homes, high-end lifestyles, and seemingly endless services and amenities….   Read More

seniors doing chair yoga

5 Benefits of Chair Yoga for Seniors

One of the best ways to maintain muscle strength, flexibility, and vitality as we age is to just keep moving. Unfortunately, for many, that becomes more difficult as physical limitations like joint pain and fatigue become a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, there is a great way to keep moving without putting too much…   Read More

seniors staying fit in their retirement at a senior living community

Staying Fit and Active as You Age

When Sir Isaac Newton wrote that a body in motion stays in motion, he was talking about physics, but it’s true for human beings as well! Staying fit and active requires you to move more and sit less, particularly if you want to enjoy a healthy, active retirement. Fortunately, it’s never too late to improve…   Read More

an example of a gift that was bought using the holiday gift idea guide

The Senior’s Guide to Gift Giving!

Love effortlessly spans generations, but gift preferences usually don’t! As a senior buying for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or even your own children, you can try to keep up with the latest video games or fashion trends, but they change so quickly even the best of us lose track and need some guidance. The good…   Read More