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Four Different Ways to Purchase

Jacaranda Trace offers four different ways to purchase your new home.  Each Resident receives a Life Estate Deed on their condominium that insures that the unit has clear title and gives the Resident the right to reside in the unit for the rest of their life.  When a Resident vacates their unit, the unit reverts back to Jacaranda Trace and then, based on the Purchase Plan selected, a refund is paid to the Resident or their estate.  


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A Simple, Easy Way to Lease

The Jacaranda Trace Easy Lease Program Makes It Easy to Improve Your Lifestyle and Enjoy All the Services and Amenities of Jacaranda Trace’s Full-Service Community & Clubhouse. Our Lease Program Pricing Include 21 Meals a Month, Complimentary Breakfast Six Days a Week, plus Bi-Monthly Housekeeping! 



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