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Senior Living 101 – The Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Senior Living 101 – The Benefits of Senior Living Communities

Often, home maintenance, and being tired of keeping up with it, are what start the journey and exploration into the benefits of senior living communities. But the reality is there are benefits well beyond just home maintenance. Making the move can be a healthy choice that enhances body, mind, and spirit. Here are just a few of the benefits a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) offers that you may not have considered:  

Enriched Retirement living  

For many seniors, retirement is a fresh start filled with possibilities–a rare chance to live their best life now, free to pursue old hobbies, explore new passions, travel, and spend time spoiling the grandkids. In addition to a maintenance-free lifestyle, opportunities for making friends and socializing, senior communities offer many perks. Members enjoy chef-led dietary programs and amenities and services like pools, gyms, classes, clubs and events—everything they could want to make the most of every day. 

A wellness-centered lifestyle 

Today’s senior living communities direct their efforts toward helping residents stay healthy, active, and independent. They accomplish this by offering a variety of fitness facilities and programs, wellness screenings, healthy dietary options, and more. Most communities also make it easy to keep up with health-related appointments by providing transportation or on-site clinics. Some even offer an advocate to help you navigate your wellness – both planned and unplanned. 

A safe, accessible environment 

Because CCRCs are designed specifically for successful aging, campus amenities are thoughtfully planned for accessibility, with unobtrusive safety features built in. Private residences are designed for safe, secure aging while remaining aesthetically pleasing. If needed, communities may be able to customize a residence with helpful devices to support changing needs and make life easier.  

Adjustable levels of service 

While senior living communities typically provide a bundled basic service package, residents can add more services as needed. For example, someone who usually does their own cleaning could request housekeeping when preparing to entertain guests or when recovering from an illness. Likewise, residents could opt to enjoy more of their meals at the on-site dining venues. 

Return-to-home focus 

If a health event or injury occurs, a CCRC offering on-campus rehabilitation will provide the physical, occupational, and other therapies needed to help residents regain strength and independence and return to their homes. 

Assisted living in style 

If needs increase, a senior who is living in a CCRC can get the support they need within the community, while maintaining their lifestyle. They can still come and go as they please and enjoy on-site amenities, activities, and friends. This could be of particular value for a couple whose needs for care are different, enabling them to still spend most of their time together. 

The choice is yours 

Selecting and moving to a CCRC or Life Plan community while you are independent puts you in control. You gain peace of mind knowing that, if needed, assisted living, skilled nursing, or memory care, will be readily available in an environment you have chosen. This not only ensures a safety net, it spares adult children or other relatives the anxiety of searching for care during an emergency. 

Although making the move to a retirement community, like Jacaranda Trace for instance, is a big step, there are also many benefits to moving to a senior living community. With your residence fully maintained and your future needs secured, you can focus on staying healthy and active—and enjoying the pastimes and people you love!

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