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Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Moms in Senior Living

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mom just how special she is to you. However, if she lives in a senior living/assisted living community, you may be struggling to find just the right Mother’s Day That is why we put extra thought into creating this list of Mother’s Day gift ideas she will love. We found original ideas perfect for every mom from the sentimental collector to the techie minimalist, and every mom in between.

These are the Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to stand out in her mind and show her how very much she is loved. They are unique and thoughtful, and sure to secure your position of “Mom’s favorite”!

Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom’s Who Live in a Senior Living Community

An Electronic Tablet

Even if mom is resistant to technology, a tablet can be the easiest type of device to start with. It has a larger screen and is easier to read than a phone and is much easier to carry with you than a computer. On it, she can watch videos, play games, and even read or listen to books. Pre-load it with the games and apps you think mom will like. Most of all, she will love the ability to video call and digitally connect with her children, grandchildren, and friends. Good conversations brighten everyone’s spirits. So, anything that keeps mom connected with loved ones is a great Mother’s Day gift.


Yes, flowers are a very traditional Mother’s Day gift. However, we are adding a delightful twist. Give mom a monthly floral subscription. Floral companies will send your mom a beautiful bouquet each month to brighten any room. As the old bouquets dry up, mom will get fresh new ones. When they arrive, she can put them in a favorite vase and see fresh blooms all year long! The pretty colors and smells are a treat to the senses and remind her that she is loved.

Hot or Cold Pillow

This is a gift of comfort. It is a soft pillow that stays warm when you pop it in the microwave or cool if you keep it in the freezer. It will soothe achy muscles or provide instant relaxation. Mom will agree that this is a comforting, practical, and sweet Mother’s Day gift

Basket of Beauty Supplies

Moms are beautiful at every age. Your mom will feel her best when she can luxuriate with a basket of her favorite beauty products. Include items like body spray, lotion, soap and even her favorite makeup. You will need to do a little detective work to find out what she uses or might like. Choose special scents and colors she loves. While you are shopping, have some fun and introduce her to something that could be her new favorite.

Extra-Comfy Clothes

There are certain pieces of clothing that simply make us feel cozy the moment we put them on. Buy mom the softest, lushest sweater, lounge pants, robe, or pajamas you can find. Be sure to choose a material and style appropriate for the season. This way mom can wear them often—and think of you every time.

Books for Mental Exercise and Creativity

If your mom loves game books, like sudoku, crossword puzzles, and word finds, get her new ones. Adult coloring books are also very popular and come in endless themes. She can color alone or with friends. Keep in mind that you will want to look for books with larger fonts and images. Fine motor skills tend to decline in older hands.

Magazine Subscriptions

Another great Mother’s Day gift idea is one that keeps on giving. A magazine subscription on a subject she loves, like gardening, knitting, or art, is a gift she can enjoy all year. If she does not lean toward any one subject, consider magazines like Reader’s Digest or Prevention. They have something for everyone. Like the game and coloring books, see if they have large print editions for older eyes.

A window bird feeder will bring nature right to mom. If she is a bird watcher, or just a nature lover, a bird feeder is a lovely and entertaining addition to any room. She can observe the wonders of nature and take a break from a busy day. If there are grandchildren or great grandchildren, a thoughtful and fun project for them is to make a bird feeder.  And, of course, if mom is a techie, there are electronic bird feeders that let her watch birds from anywhere.

Jar of Memories

This is a perfect sentimental Mother’s Day gift because it is sweeter than candy. It is basically a bottle full of beautiful memories. Just take small strips of pretty paper and write down stories and memories like:

  • Special things she did that you appreciate.
  • Good times you had together.
  • Lovely and funny family traditions.
  • Silly things either of you said or did.
  • Wonderful advice she gave.

Put the strips in a jar, decorate it if you like, and the gift is complete. Mom can keep it on a table or shelf and read a story whenever she wants to feel the love.

Memoir Supplies

Everybody has a story! Including your mom. If she wants to reflect on her life, or you want to capture her words of wisdom, a memoir writing book or kit is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. If she needs some guidance, there are memoir writing services that prompt her on what to write each week. Once she is done, they turn all her writing into a book for her.

Nice Day Out

Most moms of any age adore time spent with their family. Taking mom on an outing may just be one of the best Mother’s Day gifts you could give her. Think of the activities and pastimes that she enjoys most, like eating out at her favorite restaurant. You could take her shopping, or out to a movie. If the weather is good, stroll in the park and stop at a cafe for coffee and a sweet treat. After all, spending time with the people we love is the ultimate gift.

Homemade Decorations

Last, but far from least, is the perfect Mother’s Day gift from grandchildren and great-grandchildren—homemade decorations. Colorful keepsakes made with love, glue, paints, and colored paper brighten any apartment or room. Every time mom looks at these heartfelt decorations, she will be reminded of the family she loves.

Making mom’s day special is important to us at Jacaranda Trace. Our team goes out of their way to make every mom feel appreciated. On Mother’s Day we celebrate with a delicious chef-prepared themed dinner open to family and friends. Mothers deserve to be celebrated, and at Jacaranda Trace in Venice, Florida we love to celebrate!

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