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The Best Time to Move to an Independent Living Community

Is there really a best time to move into a senior independent living community? More and more of the over-65 set say the answer is yes, and the sooner the better. What’s drawing these savvy seniors? The list is long, but it includes prime locations, beautiful homes, high-end lifestyles, and seemingly endless services and amenities. That being the case, the best time is whenever you’re ready for an even more fulfilling and engaging lifestyle.

Here are a few more reasons seniors are moving to active independent living communities like Jacaranda Trace in Venice, Florida. They may just entice you to decide that it’s time to explore and make the move.

At an independent living community, you can:

Say Farewell to Home Maintenance 

One of the biggest draws of an independent living community is the completely maintenance-free lifestyle. People quickly find that their days are more enjoyable without the burdens of maintaining their home. The community takes care of it all, from mowing the lawn and landscaping, to home maintenance and housecleaning. This means you can focus on the things that bring you joy and not worry about housekeeping and repairs. A move to an independent living community opens up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. Letting go of home maintenance is just the beginning.

Safeguard Your Assets

You might think that an independent living community is too expensive for you. The truth is, when compared to the constantly rising cost of living and healthcare, the opposite is true. Senior living communities can be a fiscally sound investment. As a younger senior, moving to a community that has levels of care helps to ensure more predictable monthly costs. It also ensures that you receive care at a significantly lower cost than on the open market. This is one way to safeguard your assets so you can leave a legacy for your loved ones. There’s another benefit that is particularly important to many. Once you move into your community, you can receive the care you need without making another move.

Promote Your Health and Wellness

Retirement communities, like Jacaranda Trace, promote health and wellness. Studies prove the long-term benefits associated with healthy living, which become more important as we age. That’s why health and wellness programs are so central to the senior living community lifestyle. These initiatives are robust and include fitness programs, healthy meal plans, social activities, and volunteer opportunities. Also on the calendar are lifelong learning courses and wellness workshops. It’s a lifestyle full of opportunity.

Boost Your Social Life

Active senior living communities foster friendships and a robust social life. Being involved in activities, classes and events helps stave off isolation and loneliness. It also improves emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness. Jacaranda Trace’s independent living community surrounds members/residents with like-minded people who share their interests. Consequently, they share the passion to accomplish more and truly enjoy every stage of life. Most communities have a full social calendar filled with hobbyist groups, educational venues, live entertainment, happy hours, and holiday parties. There’s no disputing that socialization and fun are key factors in successful aging.

Keep Your Independence

Of all the many benefits of living in a senior living community with many services, amenities, and higher levels of healthcare, there is one that is most valuable. It is the ability to live independently for as long as possible. The fact is that making the move to an independent living community helps seniors maintain, and often grow, their level of independence. It also helps them to continue to enjoy the level of activity and the lifestyle they want for a longer time. Those seniors remaining in their homes don’t experience the same support and opportunities.

When is the best time to move to an independent living community? It’s the moment you’re ready to let someone else take care of all your have-tos. This way you can focus on all your want-tos—with a lot less worrying about the what-ifs. At Jacaranda Trace, we encourage every member/resident to live life to the fullest, on their own terms. This way they can fully enjoy the golden years. Visit us and you’ll see for yourself how wonderful independent living can be. To learn more about Jacaranda Trace, or to schedule a personal visit, call us at 941-408-2050 or Click Here to schedule a personal appointment.