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Senior Living Communities: Upfront Fee vs. Rental

It’s fair to say that a great deal of thought goes into choosing the right senior living community for you. There’s a lot to consider. Although having so many choices is great, the decision can be overwhelming without all the facts. One area where there’s often confusion is around the types of payment models these…   Read More

Benefits of Independent Living

A move to an Independent Living retirement community is a chance to truly enjoy new freedoms and opportunities, and live your best life now. In fact, studies show that when people are part of a community, such as Jacaranda Trace, they are happier and healthier. Here are just a few reasons why: Maintenance-free living Most…   Read More

The Secrets to Spectacular Smaller Spaces

Rightsizing If you’re considering moving to a smaller home, you’re in great company! More and more of us are realizing the benefits of “rightsizing.” Smaller homes are more energy efficient, require less cleaning and maintenance, and are cozy and intimate. Living in a home without a lot of unused space forces us to carefully consider…   Read More

A Menu for Health Aging

At every age, good food choices have a significant impact on our lives. Today’s research proves that eating a balanced diet is vital for healthy aging. It can help you maintain a healthy weight and give you more energy, improve your general health, and lower your risk for some diseases. But did you know that…   Read More

8 Tips For Health Aging

Aging with grace means more than keeping gray hair and wrinkles at bay. How “old” we look, and act are very closely linked to how well we feel. The good news is we have more control over feeling good and, therefore, aging more gracefully than we may think. There are various ways to maintain healthy…   Read More

active senior living retirement lifestyle

Ways to Add Adventure to Aging

Today we’re living longer and staying active. So, don’t we also deserve to make the most of those years and enjoy life? Yes! And while exceeding our grandparents’ life expectancies is a good thing, it’s not enough to just coast along. You’re likely to have more time on your hands, and if you have children,…   Read More

Best Senior Living and Assisted Living

Jacaranda Trace wins Sarasota 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards for Exceptional Senior Living!

Jacaranda Trace wins Best Senior Living & Assisted Living Awards! Venice, Florida, June 07, 2023 – Jacaranda Trace, a fresh face in retirement living, has been recognized as the Sarasota Readers’ Choice top provider for Senior Living/Assisted Living and Retirement/55+ Community. This award celebrates and recognizes the best Venice has to offer. Jacaranda Trace is…   Read More

Convivial Life Reveals Future Plans for Jacaranda Trace

Earlier this week, Joel Anderson, CEO, revealed to residents, neighbors, and future members of Convivial Jacaranda Trace the initial plans for expanding and reinventing the 33-acre retirement community. Convivial Life, a Florida not-for-profit senior living organization headquartered at Jacaranda Trace, acquired a substantial portion of the retirement community in June 2022, presently consisting of 245…   Read More